Vocal Studies at Portland State University!

The Portland State Voice/Choral Department boasts some of the finest performance opportunities, faculty, and learning experiences in the nation. The University is located in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon, and works closely with the city's major arts organizations.

Vocal Performance

Portland State vocal studies students have the opportunity to study with an outstanding voice faculty. Our graduates hold important performing and teaching positions around the world. The voice area is chaired by Professor Christine Meadows. She is available via e-mail at meadowsc.pdx.edu or at 503.725.5463.

Choral Organizations

The Portland State University Choral Department is under the direction of Dr. Ethan Sperry. He is available via e-mail at esperry@pdx.edu or by phone at 503.381.7822. The department offers several organizations for student participation. They include our inter nationally recognized Chamber Choir, University Choir, Women's Chorus, Madrigal Singers and Jazz Choir.

The PSU Opera Workshop

The PSU Opera Workshop prepares opera scenes each term which are performed on and off campus. Under the direction of Professors Christine Meadows (503.725.5463)and Douglas Schneider (503.725.3010), students explore the operatic repertoire and develop the skills and awareness of the singing actor. The PSU Opera Workshop professor may be reached by e-mail at meadowsc.pdx.edu and dougs.pdx.edu

Opera Production

PSU has a thirty year tradition of award winning, fully staged opera productions with orchestra. Recognized recently by the National Association of Opera, our productions offer a unique opportunity for the young singer. Through the Jeannine B. Cowels Distinguished Professorship in Residence, each year PSU brings an internationally recognized opera professional to help with our opera production. In this position, we have been honored to have such distinguished artists as Marilyn Horne, Sherril Milnes, Tito Capobianco, Martina Arroyo and Stephen Crawford. The Opera Production Director is Prof. Christine Meadows.

Music Education

Students in the vocal studies program may also choose to become certified public school teachers in the 5-year program coordinated through the Music Department and the Graduate School of Education. The Mus. Ed. coordinator is Professor Debbie Glaze. She is available via e-mail at glazed.pdx.eduor by phone at 503.725.3155.

Undergraduate Admissions

Students wishing to enter the BA, BS, or BM program need to be admitted to the University through the Registrar's Office and the Music Department. Departmental information and forms are available here: http://www.pdx.edu/music/. They must sing an entrance audition for the voice faculty before being admitted as a voice major. Please check the Music Department Home Page for general information and degree requirements. In addition please arrange an audition time with Prof. Christine Meadows and fill out the undergraduate audition information form.

Graduate Admissions to MM in Vocal Performance

All singers interested in entering the department to earn the Master of Music in Vocal Performance must apply for admission to PSU through the Registrar's Office and to the Music Department through the Music Office. Be sure to check the Music Department Home Page for specific degree requirements and further information. Application forms may be found here: PSU Graduate Application Form; Music Department Graduate Application Form; Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application Form

These applicants must sing a 30 minute audition for three members of the vocal faculty. This 30 minute program should include repertoire from the Baroque through the 20th Century. French, German, Italian and English should be included. Other languages in addition are fine. Please include at least one oratorio aria, at least one operatic aria, German Lied, French mélodie, and American or English art songs or arias.

Auditions can be arranged by contacting Professor Christine Meadows by e-mail at meadowsc@pdx.edu, or by phone at 503.725.5463.

You must provide your own accompanist for the audition. The following professional accompanists play for auditions at PSU regularly and can play for an audition with one rehearsal. Please contact them directly.

  1. Michael Barnes, 503.288.2109
  2. Janet Coleman, 503.888.8163
  3. Signe Lusk, 503.297.5417
  4. Dr. Ron Fabbro, 503.752.8500
  5. Doug Schneider, 503.722.2981

An accompanist list of other pianists can be obtained by contacting the PSU Music Office at 503.725.3011.

Graduate Admissions for MM in Choral Conducting

All students interested in earning the MM in Choral Conducting should check the Music Department Home Page for general information and degree requirements. In addition, contact Dr. Ethan Sperry via e-mail at esperry@pdx.edu or by phone at 503.381.7822 for specific information and to schedule a conducting audition.

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